Welcome to farmgirl flowers & finds

Our small, family farm is nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.  This is our first year in business as a seasonal, flower grower.  We will be selling at two Farmers Markets this year.  Come visit us at the Gilford and Littleton Markets!  We have our fresh, locally grown flowers available as whimsical, cottage-style bouquets and as bunches of a single flower type.  Pick up one for you and for someone who would appreciate a smile.

Do you like to do your own arranging? Let us know!  We will be more than happy to pick a bucket (or two) of our flowers for you to work your magic with.  Our flowers are not only fresher, and longer lasting, than flowers that are shipped in to local stores, they are also chemical free.  Good for you, good for our community, and good for the environment!

Fall is the time for our everlastings.  We will be picking and drying flowers and herbs all season to use in our fragrant, dried, flower bouquets and wreaths.  They make great gifts, and are a great way to save a little sun to ward off the winter blahs!

Looking for something unique to put your flowers on or in?  Do we have some surprises for you!  We have taken in a collection sweet, homeless antiques that are ready for you to adopt.  These lovely items have been refreshed, and are ready for a second chance to bring delight.  We also have quality, custom containers and unique furnishings for your home and garden (brought to you by Dave).

Interested to see what we are up to?  Check out our blog, or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.  We truly appreciate it.