...farmgirl flowers & finds, rooted in a love story...
    Of flowers, and sun, and soil.
  Of hope, and warmth, and work.
Come, be part of our story.

Our Story

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* We are in our first year of business as a flower grower on our small farm located in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.  

* We have a fresh, playful, cottage style - found in our romantic fresh flower bouquets, our long lasting dried flower wreaths, our quirky re-purposed antiques, and our unique custom built items.

* We use earth friendly, sustainable practices to grow our flowers.  It is very important to us that no one has to be concerned about, or exposed to, toxic chemicals - which can be a concern with imported flowers.  We are also concerned about the decreasing numbers of pollinators (like bees and butterflies) due to chemicals in the environment, and are doing our part to provide a safe home for those that find our flowers. 

* We love finding ways to re-purpose old things.  To give them another opportunity to be useful and bring joy to the eyes.  Plus, reuse is just another positive way to impact our community and our planet.

* We are looking to bring smiles to folks in the lakes region, and beyond.  Please look for us this season at a farmers market near you (we will let you know which markets soon). 

Our promise to you: We will grow the best flowers we can for you.  We will offer you fun, fresh flowers and create unique things for you to put them in and on.


I grew up in the woods and wild places (those I could find) of suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota - the Land of 10,000 Lakes don't 'cha know.  Always a lover of nature and the outdoors, I pursued a degree in Ecology from the University of Minnesota.  I then let life take me down a windy path, with stops as a landscape designer, a veterinary technician, a children's librarian, and then as a farmgirl. 

The farm. A place where all of my interests seemed to come together.  Where I fell in love with the rhythms and challenges of tending gardens and livestock.  Life was good... It was only missing that special someone to share farming with.  Little did I know that life had that covered.  Enter Dave... my someone.  Enter New Hampshire... his home for this transplanted farmgirl.  Enter farmgirl flowers & finds... the realization of a dream, for us both.  

 Minnesota farmstead

Minnesota farmstead

 A little bovine love

A little bovine love



My interest in farming, and Heather, led me to her beautiful farm in Minnesota. I was instantly smitten with her, her enthusiasm, drive, and green thumb.  We felt that our combined skills would perfectly mesh into the kind of teamwork that any successful farm is based in.  We decided to flower farm in Sanbornton, New Hampshire (a milder climate).  We chose to specialize in flowers, because of our limited acreage and the added challenge that starting flowers from seed brings.  The diverse array of flowers that we offer is what we believe sets us apart from other growers.